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Safety in the Cloud

There are plenty of people who want to and are able to steal your data for their benefit and your demise. Hackers, scammers, careless or malicious employees, unethical Cloud service staff, and curious government agencies have all been caught compromising confidential data in the cloud.

High profile reports in the Press show how vulnerable some Cloud solutions can be. You need to undertake due-diligence to ensure your choice of provider is right for the levels of security you demand.  

Safety with your old equipment

How can you be sure your staff are not selling equipment which holds valuable company confidential data - disk drives, PC’s, tablets, USB sticks, mobile phones, external drives?

Safety with Cloud providers

If you move from one Cloud provider to another, how can you be sure your data is deleted from the original provider’s systems? We have tools to help you do this.

We can help, advise and propose solutions that fit your Company’s plans and culture.

You aren’t the only one who wants to see your data.