Customer Experience Improvement

It's all about Repurchase and Referrals

 Bain and Co: A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.

What Gartner says:

If those numbers don’t surprise you,  then Gartner Group: “80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.”  

With the increase in Twitter and other Social Media channels, Customer Service requests come in many forms and your staff need to be ready to control and respond to these.  We help you to:

  • Build a responsive platform for Customer Service including Social Media, email, chat, phone.
  • Improve customer repurchase rates.Increase customer referrals/references.
  • Identify the areas which frustrate your customers, and work with your team to remove them.  
  • Build a Top-Floor to Shop-Floor customer service culture.

There may be a dozen touch points between your company and your Customers.  Do you measure how reliable/Customer friendly these are and how immediate your company's response is ?  Are you suffering the impact of social media entering the Enterprise world ?

The Wall Street Journal: “..analysts forecast the Global Customer Experience Management market to grow at a rate of 20.79% over the period 2018-2020. One of the key factors is the increased number of customer touch points.

Among the benefits of engaging with us are:

  • Proven methods of providing great Customer Service across multiple channels.
  • Objective and proven Customer Loyalty measurements.
  • Project starts need for staff to be away from the office.
  • A clear picture of how your Customers currently view your business and ongoing trend analysis.
  • Your staff deal with complaints before they get to you, leaving you more time to run the business.
  • Day to Day performance dashboards.
  • More loyal customers, higher % referral rate
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and reporting to Board level.