Consistently demonstrated diligence and creativity in providing solutions for our customers and incremental productivity and profitability for our operations.  A deep understanding of the software business and how to navigate a complex corporate infrastructure to get things done. Always did the right thing for our customers, was a very effective leader for our international team, and added a great deal of value to all aspects of the business.

Dan Whelan, VP Services at Data Fusion Technologies.

Assumed a significant role in our project when we encountered a number of challenges that required a senior person with the experience and gravitas to deliver the right resources to overcome the issues we faced.

Tim’s focus was firmly on responding to our requests, understanding the problem and then marshalling the required resources. Good communication was of paramount importance, and his team would provide regular updates/progress reports as often as needed to ensure all parties were fully appraised. The actions put in place improved the process and delivered a positive result.  

Phil Hall - Finance Director, Connor Solutions Ltd.

Tim and I worked together at Scala and later at Epicor. While I was working with Operations, Tim was in charge of maintenance and support in various capacities. We were both involved in In a number of markets in Europe where we achieved close to triple digit growth of maintenance revenues. This was outstanding as such, but what really made Tim (as well as his maintenance and support team) Worldclass was that customers satisfaction grew year on year during these times. What made this happen, in my mind, was Tim's constant and never ending focus both on Customers as well as Employees. No question or issue from Customers or Employees was ever unattended. ...and as everybody knows - when Customers and Employees are satisfied, very often Owners are satisfied. It was truly a pleasure working with Tim during a full decade, and if ever the opportunity arises again, I would not hesitate for a second to rejoin.  Jan Palmquist - CEO UCMS Group EMEA Ltd 

In the time I worked with Tim, the qualities which, to me, mark him out as an asset to any organisation or client are (i) his focus on customers, he listens to their issues and does his very best to ensure that those issues are addressed, (ii) his ability to analyse and identify the real issues in dispute and to get to the heart of the problem; (iii) his ability to make sensible commercial decisions; and (iv) his ability to remain calm when all around him are under immense pressure.

Legal Counsel, multinational software organisation.

 "During the 8+ years I worked with Tim, his concern was always to do what was right for the customer, combined with sensible commercial decisions for our own Company.  Many times he stepped in to manage a customer personally, resulting in a stronger bond between the two organizations.   His team appreciated his management style and he always elicited the best from them, even during critical and stressful periods. In addition, Tim was always more than willing to meet with Prospects to help the Sales Team close a deal.  After these meetings, the prospects had confidence and trust in the Customer Service they would receive after the sale had been closed. "

Johan Kyllönen, Implema, Sweden

 “The B&G team simplified our customer processes and reduced costs.  We didn’t realise we had so much duplication of tasks.  What was interesting was that these same areas were causing customer frustration too”  Finance Director,  UK mfg organisation.