Customer Experience and GDPR mentoring

Handling Social Media


  •  Like most companies, you are probably experiencing a  flood of multi-channel customer conversations - phone, email, online chat, Facebook, Twitter and in some cases, Tripadvisor, etc.  Like it or not, your whole organisation is opened up to a greater audience via these methods and you cannot stop it - your challenge is to educate and mentor your staff on how to control and deal with it and in a way which remains compliant with local privacy laws such as gdpr compliance
  • Your Customer Service team has access to more Personal data than anyone else in your company - and in a working day they have many more emails, online chats, calls and other communications with your client base than most of your other staff. Each of these touch points could result in an unintentional data breach.  Add to that the risk of your team using mobile devices, which could be lost or stolen, and the risk becomes far higher. We can help reduce that risk via education, training and mentoring on privacy best-practice improving customer experience and GDPR compliance.

How we help


We aren’t consultants providing 2 days training on theory on “how to do customer service”. Neither do we walk away after the 2 days and send you an invoice.  We measure which areas frustrate your Customers and Staff by talking to them to determine what you do compared to what the Customers expect.  

Typically we find 6-8 areas for improvement which can help increase re-purchase and referral rates and reduce management time firefighting.  We also review your security and privacy procedures to ensure your organisation reduces the risk of a data leak from your Customer Service Team. 

We advise you on what is needed to correct the problem areas and work side by side with your team, agreeing targets and KPI’s, measuring progress and adjusting the plan to make the problems go away…

…leaving you with Customers and Employees who will promote your business to everyone they meet and to any prospect they speak to and Clients who appreciate the data security processes you have in place. As a client told us: "When you submit a bid for a Fortune 100 company, you need to explain what data security/privacy measures you have in place. "

The Process


Phase1: Initially we undertake surveys with Customers and staff to give a starting Loyalty Score and an internal view of Customer Experience problems.  We speak to the Customers/staff who score lowest and highest, and elicit their comments on what they want. We review any recent data breaches and find the cause. 

Phase 2: We review these findings with you to determine why the failures are occurring, go  your processes to find out what changes are needed to handle the onslaught of Customer queries and requirements.  Meanwhile, you identify your Project Team,  Together with the project team, we put in place a set of goals and targets to address the shortfalls, specifically training in both  Customer Service and Data Privacy. 

Phase 3:  We'll work in-house and mentor your staff, side by side, giving them the soft-skills and management techniques to make the identified improvements. 

Phase 4: Regular project reviews between us ensure that the actions agreed are being taken, targets met and reported back to the Board. 

Unlike others, we offer a guarantee - if the KPI's do not improve by the end of the project period, we'll stay on the project for another month, free.  (Terms and Conditions apply).